• yes i use them but i have to im not capable of walking.:)
  • No, and I would never bother - I used to work in a grocery store, and we had to drive these things out of the parking lot where people left them to put them away...I think I can slither faster! I am way too impatient for those things. That, and I'd feel like everyone was staring at me....and of course, whatever I needed would inevitably be on the top shelf that day....
  • Don't bother.
  • no not really :)
  • I had to use them for a time once and I can't imagine why anyone not having to would use one; they are a pain. I could stand but not walk. People did look at me strangely when I would stand to get something off a high shelf.
  • Only when I broke my foot.
  • Yeah, but it was 3am and we were REALLY drunk. NO ONE is in Wal-Mart at that hour, anyway. We tore it UP!
  • Only once, but I got in trouble when I drove into my nephew, lol
  • No, I've never done that. But I have used them when my knee or back hurt so bad and I didn't think I could manage the whole shopping trip on my own or when I wanted to be quicker than me limping around the store. And since I know I felt when it wasn't available for me or my MIL who really needs it due to her age, and how much of an inconvenience it was to not have one available, I'd never use one just for a joyride as I could be using it while someone else really needed it.
  • I think that they design the scooters to be slow on purpose to prevent people from joyrinding with them.
  • I at times drive them at work because I work in a large superstore but its mainly to drive them to where they need to be.
  • No I don't I can walk and the cart could be needed by someone who truly needs it and it would be a lack of consideration and respect. Best regards.

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