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  • Yes you can get fecal matter into your penis during anal sex. It can be dangerous due to the chance of infection. The best and safest way to prevent this is to use a condom during all anal intercourse. NEVER use the same condom for oral or vaginal sex once it has been used anally. The next best way is for the partner being penetrated to prepare in advance with a full bowel movement followed by a proper enema repeated twice prior to anal intercourse. As for the 'get it out' part of your question... The only methods I would recommend are peeing and ejaculating. Both these processes will sweep most of any foreign matter out of your urethra(the tube that carries urine and semen out of the body through the penis). NEVER try to 'clean' your urethra by inserting anything into your penis, this is very dangerous and can cause serious problems.
  • Yes, I got an infection once. I got a sist like growth in my right testicle. When I went to the Doctor he gave me some antibotics to get rid of it. ever since then I've used a condom.

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