• No, some states (mi, de, ct, ...) require your signals to be red, however the feds over rule. Signal must red when working with brake or tail light but may be amber if signal only. no other color ie; blue, "purple dot". SORRY THIS IS AN UPDATE front signal must be amber!
  • Yes! In the United Kingdom front turn indicators are normally amber, but white indicators are allowed in older cars which were originally fitted with white indicators. Any other colour of indicator light contravenes the Vehicle (Construction & Use) Regulations. However, if the vehicle is to be used only on private roads e.g. within an estate, and not used at any time on public roads, the vehicle is exempt from these regulations and indicator lights can be any colour you wish..
  • Yes. here is why. the federal government, after many years of testing, has determined that the front turn signals, on automobiles, should be the color amber. this is because of high visibility. changing the turn signal light, from amber to another color, would alter this visibility. the color red and amber are synonimous with todays automobiles and are used for high visibility and safety.
  • Yep. What lights and what colors they have to be are set by law. Violating them is a criminal offense.

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