• I've heard male practitioners of Wicca referred to as both witches and warlocks. I don't think there is a clear consensus among practioners about this, as different Wiccan groups follow different traditions.
  • Most would call both male and female Wiccans, witches.
  • Male Wiccans are called witches. It applies to male and female. The term 'warlock' does not refer to 'male witches/wiccans' because the meaning of 'warlock' is: Truth Twister
  • Aren't they called Wizards, Sorcerers or Warlocks? And Witches are women?
  • "Warlock" is a term added by the church to describe male witches. It literalley means 'oath breaker' or 'traitor'. But is not used to describe male witches in Wicca, since it is not only a newer word, but was only used to describe supposed male 'witches' during the witch hunts. The meaning is negetive and deragatory. Therefore, male Wiccans are called 'witches'.
  • Traditionally within the initiatory traditions of Wicca a male witch is called Priest or High Priest and Magus.
  • The simple, straight-forward answer to your question is this: Wiccan. Alternatively, they may be called (call themselves) witches. Think of it like this: What do you call Christians? Do you call them Jesus Lovers? Or do you call them Christian. While both are true, one is generally more accepted.
  • Witches or high preist if you've been elected within a coven. Warlock, wizard, sorcerer are all terms applied within the occult but I haven't heard it in Wicca. A magus(mage/wiseman) could referr to an esteemed male Wiccan that has knowledge and wisdom. Wiccans practice witchcraft, the name witch is in order... Free Masons have wizards. Sorcerers refer to a poisoner or potion maker. A necromancer talks to dead people. In Scottish witchcraft male practicers of Magick are referred to as warlocks. The word warlock is confusing, it means deciever/oathbreaker. It may have come from an old norse word meaning caller of spirits translated "ward-locks" or "protections". Go ahead and toss everything you've heard about in comic books, TV, movies, games and novels because real life is a different story...
  • witches
  • Wiccan is the correct term. See this link for more info.
  • i'm not compleatly possitive. ive heard some say that their are no male witches, of course being born a male witch myself i laugh at them. mages wizards warlocks and sorcerers have nothing too do with the wiccan religon. im not ready to be a high priest so witch is fine with me.
  • Wanccers
  • please ask Antigone.
  • all male wiccans are called witches. you don't have to be female at all to be a witch. anybody that follows the wiccan religion is refered to as a witch so male wiccans are refered to as a witch.
  • Not all Wiccans are Witches, but some are. I recently joined the Wiccan religion so I do not know a whole lot!

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