• Eventually it makes the extremities fall off.
  • It prevents your body from fighting off bacterial and viral infections. I believe (not sure) that it is an auto immune disease that is curable with a series of pills that you take only once and then the disease is no longer able to be spread through you from person to person. It is catchy, but very hard to transfer. The limbs that are lost in the process, are actually the result of wounds from falls and bumps and such because What it actually does is cause localized numbness that causes people to hurt themselves and not feel it to treat it and then the disease takes its toll on exposed tissues being inadequate in healing they begin to rot and fall off from the bacteria.
  • i think it makes your body parts rot and fall off at least thats what i was told when i was 10
  • The easiest way to answer is - the way cancer does to your insides is the way leprosy does to your outsides. Its very sad and horrible
  • The real question is : Is the flesh eating disease a off shot from leprosy?
  • It kills nerves, beginning at the extremities. So fingers and toes and noses and lips atrophy. Fingers are further harmed because they cannot feel heat and are frequently burned or damaged, which leads to infection which leads to more damage. And yet it can be halted by antibiotics....that is all you need.

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