• i haven't seen saw 2, and i don't think i'd get that affect form the movie. but in real life, when around needles, like when getting blood work at the doctors, i do get quisy (spelt wrong? maybe) and dizzy. it's perfectly normal, a large percentage of people feel this way. don't worry
  • For me needles aren't scary at all. My mother is diabetic so she is always testing her blood during the day and used to test mine every now and then. I just gave blood last month and THAT was a HUGE needle. When you have to get shots just try to realize that it really doesn't feel like anything then maybe you won't get scared.
  • I was in the Medical Library one day at Leeds uni when all of a sudden I heard this THUNK! behind me. Turns out it was another medical student, who had a phobia of needles! To try and get over them he starting reading about vaccinations and he fainted! I've not seen Saw 2 but I suppose I can understand your fear of needles since they are in essence a foreign penetrative item. When we put cannulae in peoples' veins for operations, about 95% of people say it's the worst part, but it's more the thought than the pain (it's usually a slight scratch at the most). If you look away and try to have a conversation with someone else if they are there, or the person with the needle if it is just you two, then you won't know exactly when and hopefully you won't tense up as much.
  • I don't find needles scary. In fact, you could say I have a fetish for them LOL. I'm addicted to putting needles through blisters, or just putting them through bits of skin. Weird, I know. But that's me =)
  • I don't think they're disgusting, but they are a little scary.
  • 9-30-2017 It's just you.

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