• I was with a girl who used bubbles in the hot tub for some time without any apparent adverse effects. ... However, If it halved the lifespan of the plumbing I would have never known. I would do it either way if it pleased you. The important thing to worry about here is your plumbing, not the hot tub's. I have heard bad things about the effects of excessively hot water on sperm count.
    • Roaring
      True above 104 those little guys expire
  • I didn't know that it would ruin the plumbing but when we did it , the tub just kept overflowing with bubbles. If your hot tubs outside have fun but if you don't want stuff covered in bubbles don't do it. To fix you have to drain the tub and fill back with clean water. We were young and dumb. But it was funny.
  • It won't hurt your hot tub for short term usage. You will need to drain and refill the tub, and thoroughly wash your filter.
  • Just use a little Palmolive dish will even clean the hot tub while providing oodles of bubbles.
  • Your local spa dealership should have stuff that you can put in your tub that won't hurt the plumbing. I always found it very drying on my skin, but lotion took care of that and the bubbles were fun.
  • i do this quite often, just before changing the filters
  • I did that once while drunk. Didn't mess it up, but it took forever to get all of the bubbles out of there.

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