• You may have esophogeal issues. Try "tucking" your chin to swallow when this happens. Also do a "double " swallow with each bite and alternate solids and liquids.
  • I have had this problem for many years. For the most part I have learned to live with it. It often helps if I drink hot tea or just hot water before I start eating. Chewing you food is the right thing to do but also take about half normal bites for you. Swallowing too big of bite often gets stuck and comes back up. I can even take a large gulp of water and it comes back. From what I have learned the Sphincter at the entrance to the stomach is too small and does not open enough to allow food into the stomach. There are several treatments for this but to my knowledge none remove the problem permanently. One is you are put to sleep and they go down your throat and to the Sphincter and with a balloon type thing they stretch the Sphincter. The second method is similar but instead of stretching they inject relaxing drugs allowing the Sphincter to relax and let food into the stomach. I have been stretched once with little success. I am thinking about doing the relaxation process. Good luck and go see your care provider.

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