• Don't take any advice from anyone on here. Someone said 8. You might end up killing yourself.
  • It depends on the Milligram of the pill and whether or not you have a tolerance to them. If you have never taken it before, a 20 MG pill would probably do it for you. You have to be careful, though, because they make 80 MG pills and one of those could kill you.
  • Don't be a moron.
  • If you want to get high go around your neighborhood and pick up trash. It's very honorable to clean up God's world.
  •, this is vicodin. oc costs a lil more (def worth tha difference) but for anyone just getting into scripts, ya shud start by learnin whats safe to mix (between drugs, and between pills). if u payed more than a cuple buks per pill, u were RIPPED OFF! Sumone who doesnt know anything about oc shudnt be shuvin it down ther throat, so i dont blame ure hook up for switchin pills on ya, u cud hav killed ureself on oc by now! Acetaminophen(tylenol) can be fatal! It is contained in the majority of prescribed/otc pain killers and one shud not consume over about 2000 mg of it durin a 24 hr period. be safe, be smart...research the drugs ure interested in before you buy them, or you will keep getting ripped off or od.

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