• the program it self wont give you a virus but something you download could. its like that with all those programs.
  • Limewire itself does not, no. However, You should be careful - If you download something and it has a virus in it, there you go. Remember to scan everything you download though your virus scanner.
  • Ive had limewire for about 3 years and not one problem so far.
  • Limewire itself is harmless, although Limewire most certainly can be a "carrier". Many public forums are notorious for the high infection rates of their users. Personally, I avoid all such services. Other hints on how to harden your system against exploitation are available from my Internet Security page ...
  • No, "limewire" is Virus/Spyware Free, but there are 2 type of high-alert risk for you when you are using it 1. Limewire will open one port in your network to transfer files from that, so you are downgrade in your network security and one hacker have more chance to hack your computer over network! 2. content of shared files, I've tested many Audio/Video/Program files download from File-sharing network such as Limewire and... usually all were infected, so you have more chance to get infected via using files downloaded from Limewire. I prefer to don't use it... but an Advanced Firewall and a complete set of security software (Antivirus, Antispyware, Anti Bot, Privacy tools, Identity theft protection) will help you to keep your computer safe from these attacks...
  • I use Limewire and on average every ten tunes I download you can guarantee at least 1 virus but I use Avast and this detects them straight away.

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