• I do when I can, I empty all of my change into this little jar at my favorite (tinY!) Chinese restaurant. Wife and husband run the thing all day every day and their son sits there after school, just the 3 of them. I hope my meager donation helps them.
  • friday night - walking out of a local burger joint old man was on the curb holding a "Please" sign, seen skeletons that have eaten better - asked him to come inside and gave the owner 30$ to feed him and fill some takeout bags. guy was crying as they started filling bags & owner told him to come back in the morning so they could help him find a job
  • I am always taking loads of stuff to the local church where they give to needy families. Not like good will or salvation army where it is sold to the poor but the church makes sure that the poor never have to pay. I also help with a local food drive where we buy a lot of food to give away to the poor.
  • Today, actually. On the way back from Tim Horton's, there was a guy who asked me for change, so I gave him some. He smelled like booze lol. Funny thing is, I saw him two days before and he asked me for change then too; I think he pretended not to recognize me lol.
  • I am a volunteer for the Bali Protestant Church Orphanage system in Indonesia, so that is one I am regularly collecting for, giving information out about, and visiting annually. I also have a stall of handicrafts (some made by the kids themselves) which I bring back to raise money and profile. I also help other areas of the world as I can. I have a number of friends who are involved with countries all over the place. If I can help with any of the things I have on hand, I do. I also love to help the street dwellers near our church. I have about half a dozen I know well and who know me. I give them food and clothing, and make sure they are warm for the winter.
  • Last time one of my good buddies needed help...but recently I've been the less fortunate one...and I really haven't gotten shit.
  • Whenever someone asks me for money to buy food, I always take them to get a burger meal or something. Better than giving them cash, Because if they really want food, they agree, if they don't, they turn you down, and you haven't given them money for booze or drugs.
  • Does a contribution for MS count? Got a friend who is going to be biking (150 miles) for the cause and I pledged some cash. The event hasn't taken place yet though.
  • Yesterday. I gave a young couple, that has a new baby, a bunch of stuff, to help them out.
  • Saturday- I took 5 bags of clothes to goodwill.
  • This happens on a regular basis. Mostly I give my time and experience. Yesterday was the last time.
  • ... every week at the food bank I volunteer at ...
  • Does giving them the crabs count?

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