• People who are nasty are not honest or open people. If someone is honest there isn't ever any commotion and if someone is open to a situation than they can relate to the problem or the way it came about and reslove it peacefully. Drama is created by people who are dishonest and don't care about others. That is why women are nasty. Look at any situation like that and you can probably put it under those two categories. If they don't tell me what happened!
  • they don't have enough x chromosomes
  • No, it is in every economic class. Cultured or not. I would say jealousy or insecurity would be the reason.
  • It is ignorance that causes us to deny out birthright and evolve out from the more primal needs and urges that are inherent in all of humanity. None of us are exempt from it. I dont particularly care for it myself... But I have certainly done it. It is the old competitive nature creaping up into modern day scenerio... Plain and simple.
  • That's a mighty big generalization you have happening there. My friends and i are not, and never will be, nasty about each other or anyone else, behind anyone's back and culture has nothing to do with it. Honesty does.
  • It is a shame that some women act like that! I dont see any reason for someone to be so nasty against someone else, uncultured or otherwise!
  • Nasty people can be male or female- male vs male . female vs female are more common coz it's competitive out there for attention, approval and appreciation. -if male vs female its more on a level of power struggle, control.The survival instinct in us are still very active even though we may be more civilised in other ways. You can see this instinct in young children who are honest with their raw feelings and wants. They are aggresive and denfensive when comes to what they want to keep for themselves.That's our natural human flaw.

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