• I wouldn't jump to conclusions just yet. It could be that he is excited to see you, or that's the best time for him. Now if you continue to ONLY see him on the weekends, then I would be suspicious.
  • Maybe that's the night he doesn't have community service?
  • I didn't know that Monday was a 'bad' night......what abour Wednesday or Thursday?
  • I really don't believe that this guy had anything other than good intentions. When i pick a day to ask a girl out, just trying to find a day we both arent working is often trial enough that i don't think he even considered the day other than maybe, "its open," or "its only one of 3 nights i don't have to work!" However if he avoids hints then later outright questions about dating on the weekends (this is after a few dates) then i would get worried about being the "weekday girl."

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