• Bit of both... It's presence means that everything to do with the UN is westernised and so kind of stiffles develpoment of other UN nations... On the other hand, who knows what would happen if it wasn't in the UN... Firstly they would have no one there to say hey, what you are doing is wrong (not that the UN does that much now anyway) and also if the superpower leaves, who else wants to stay?
  • It is a VERY good thing. The only problem with the UN is that its member states are too selfish to allow it to be a democracy.
  • A very good thing, although it hardly respects international law.
  • Neither. It is an useless thing. The UN should be abolish forever. Only promotes the evil New World Order. My 2 cents.
  • It is a good thing, both for the UN and the the US. Very small number of decisions could be implemented without US economic and, especially, military help; without the US, the UN could have the same destiny like the League of Nations, and, although the US sometimes act alone, multilateral cooperation is in their interest, too, for example, in war on terrorism, because it makes american actions more legitimate, and, it also, helps share global risks and costs.

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