• They better not be. I'm not interested in becoming part of the I-phone crowd.
    • Anonymous
      yeah I have one too, a landline phone, free calls!
    • Linda Joy
      Landlines are free now? Does that include 'long distance'?
    • Ice man
      No, Landlines are not free. They never have been and they never will be. But they cost a fraction of your Cel phone monthly contract (at least that's the case here) and, if you know how to negotiate, you can probably get North American long distance for free ( I have it) or at least for about $10 a month .
    • Linda Joy
      I don't have a contract. I pay $45. A month and that is unlimited talk, long distance, text, data, internet. I don't have to be home to use any of it and it fits in the palm of my hand. But whatever works for you!
    • Anonymous
      UK: EE gives free calls to all mobiles & 46 international countries included in the monthly broadband fee: you have to hang up every 60 minutes & recall.
    • Ice man
      Okay! We are comparing apples and bananas again. In Canada, I guess it's been discovered that we pay an Enormous higher fee for our telecommunications than both the US. & the UK. (which is just wrong ! ). We have better deals on our home phones ( landlines) than we do on cellular service.
  • I talked to two friends this past week who have land lines. But generally speaking I'd say yes. "50.8 percent of American households were now wireless only when it came to phone service. Of the remaining chunk of households, 39.4 percent had both a wireless phone and a landline. Only 6.5 percent of homes are landline only, while 3.2 percent remain phone-free."
  • Hardly..... they're used every day especially for fax machines
  • My landline is unlimited free local calls and long distance calls. It is bundled with my internet and TV.
  • there might be to some people but i have one

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