• I think you are mixing up an old tradition with urban legend. The old tradition is to stop the clock in the room in which the person dies in order to record the time of death. The death itself does not stop the clock -- the loved one stops the clock.
  • Yes. About 15 years ago, my grandmother lay in the hospital in intensive care. One of her heart valves had ruptured, and she was in bad shape. My family stayed with her, but I was very sick at the time, so I stayed a while then went home and waited for word if I should go back to the hospital if things got worse. I stayed up into the evening, and looked at the clock now and then to check the time. After several hours passed, I realized the kitchen clock had stopped. I thought nothing of it till I checked the time again about a half hour later. The kitchen clock was still stopped. I thought maybe its battery had run down, so I checked the microwave clock. It also had stopped at the same time, about 9:15 p.m. I realized that it might not have been a coincidence that two different types of clocks, a battery powered clock and an AC powered clock, had stopped at the same time, without any interruptions to the house's electricity. After a while, it occurred to me that maybe my grandmother had died, and her spirit had come to the house to let me know she'd died. Anyway, soon after the clocks stopped, my family called me from the hospital to tell me that my grandmother had indeed died, then they came home and told me more, but in the hubbub, I forgot about the clock happenings. It took me a couple days to question my mother about my grandmother's exact time of death, and I realized then that the clocks had stopped about the time or several minutes after my grandmother had died. Interestingly enough, by the morning after my grandmother's death, the clocks had all "fixed" themselves and were displaying the proper time (as checked against the TV). Only recently did I think to check and see if other people had ever experienced the phenomenon of clocks stopping when someone died. Of course, I was not surprised to find that it does happen, because it happened to me. I hope this helps.
  • My father passed away last week and and we have noticed 3 clocks in our home have are all 'stopped' within 4 minutes of eachother and all the clocks have stopped at the time be was passing and when he took his last breath.... 2.40pm 2.42pm 2.44pm The clocks were in the 2 dining rooms where he loved to spend time with family during a meal and the third clock is in his shed where he spend countless hours.... I was with him in his final moments which were truely spectacular and when he took his last breath I remember looking at the clock at the hospice and saw it was a little before 2.45 pm??? The moments leading up to the last breath were quite unusual...certainly things were changing which I saw with my own eyes, it was almost like his eyes showed he recovered from his illness, but he must have seen something pretty special. it was very peaceful. Of all the possible combinations of time a clock could possibly stop have 3 in the one home stop within minutes of his passing time is too much of a coincidence in my opinion. I am interested in hearing other peoples experiences.

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