• No that is still inbreeding, which causes bad traits to be passed down its beter to have more genetic variation. Don't do it!
  • I wouldn't its not a very good idea. If you are into breeding invest in a good book about genetics. Trading is done alot to get a new bloodline.
  • As stated, this is inbreeding also known as Line Breeding. It is a VERY tricky business and generally frowned upon by respected breeders of most animals. In simple terms if you have two related animals, who are EXCEPTIONAL in their character (behaviors), their physical bodies (conformation) you are then attempting to breed them together to IMPROVE THE BREED TYPE. Unfortunately, what you want and what you may get are two different things. The thought behind Line Breeding is that you double the chances of all the GOOD traits being present (doubled) in the resulting offspring. But with this possibility comes the same percentage of chance that all the negative, or poorer qualities and problems will also be doubled! Responsible breeders who even consider such practices for a moment have shown the animals in question. (The potential them dogs, cats, horses or other breeding stock) They have WON points that prove that dog and bitch are BEST OF THE BEST of their breed type. They also have a fairly VAST KNOWLEDGE OF GENETICS, specifically as they relate to breeding. Lastly it is rare that they would breed a father to a daughter, or a brother to a sister, or a mother to a son. They look instead to an uncle or aunt to breed back to. AFTER ALL OF THE ABOVE MENTIONED HAS BEEN SATISFIED. If you are convinced you want to breed, and you are not simply being a thoughtless twit who thinks it would be fun to have puppies, (while hundreds are put to sleep EVERY DAY across America at pounds), SHOW YOUR DOG OR BITCH and hopefully...WIN YOUR POINTS AND TITLES. Prove that your dog or bitch has the qualities to improve your animal's breed type. Ideally, you KNOW EXACTLY what the blood line of your potential breeding dog or bitch is...who their family tree consists of and what positives and negatives already exist within YOUR animal. Then, with your pedigree and show stats in hand you start to research the other half...the dog or the bitch. You are looking for lines where (lets say you have the female, and are looking for a male) the Dog has qualities in strength that make up for what your Bitch is lacking or less than what you want to create in the offspring. For example: Your bitch has wider shoulders than is ideal in your breed type. are looking for a Dog that has more narrow shoulders in the females of his line..his mother, sisters, aunts. Simple example, but accurate! I don't mean to be cruel or crass, but if you are thinking of breeding this bitch back to a litter mate, because it's free and you think having a litter of pups would be fun and cute...I suggest you take a trip to your local pound and ask if you can see the dogs on LAST DAY. These are the ones that will be put to death if not adopted by day's end. Picture that wagging tail forever stilled as the needle is slipped into place and that happy, trusting face dead and lifeless...then think hard again about breeding for any reason. Mutts and Purebred dogs are put to sleep every single day, most of them would be outstanding companion animals...if they only had a good home, with people who would train them to behave in ways that are acceptable. They would give and accept love as willingly as any treat, but they will never get the chance now...for's over.
  • Yeas and about 1 year old!

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