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  • A year. I had gotten out of a relationship and just did not feel like getting involved so I dated and played but kept it straight. Much better than banging just to bang. Better to do it myself, right and not add notches.
  • Hmm. The longest would be about a month or so. Tried double anal one night, would not let anyone else touch me for a month afterwards because of how much it hurt.
  • 34 years and nine months...when my dad inseminated my mum;-)
  • Had a hot lady over first part of June that said four yrs since her last dicking. Real shame as she sure did like it. By the time she had to go home we'd spent over 11 hours in bed either eating/licking eat other or screwing about every way we could. Ended up both of us were sore. Sure was a pleasurable Sunday. and to think how old I am! Don't ever discount us old guys!

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