• I don't like the over the top stuff- deep kissing, long hugs. As my daughters say "Get a room".
  • I think it should all stay in the "bedroom" whether you are homo or hetero.
  • Any type, any kind, from anybody. That stuff belongs in private. I won't kill you to go the next half an hour without touching your partner. Save it, let the romance build, and let it explode in private.
  • Doesn't bother me. Don't really care to be honest what other people are up to. I suppose ehtere are societal norms that should be broadly adhered to (well.... maybe) but providing it doesn't hurt anyone else, which I don't see this doing - obviously full sexual intercourse in public is probably going to harm minors and people with weak hearts and taxi drivers (it's true, happened near where I live,5 lasses dressed as ahem... "naughty Nurses" caused quite a nasty accident... well the driver that wasn't looking where he was going did really but ....) then yeah whatever go for your life. They can strip off and run naked if they so desire providing they don't spill my drink whilst doing so ;)
  • Well, at least you're consistent. :o) Some hand-holding and LIGHT kissing is fine in either case. Mouth hockey and frottage are cause for alarm, as it may scare the horses. Such activity should be done in private.
  • I don't like either... either.
  • Either are inappropriate.
  • My advice to either couple would be ''Get a room yo...''.
  • america is pretty conservative on the PDA topic in general... I have no problem with PDA with heterosexual couples or lesbian couples. I know it sounds bad to admit it, but sometimes homosexual men making out will gross me out. I don't know why? I have no problem with homosexuality. So, i dont know why i get that feeling. But that is my honest answer.
  • Not really. If its two guys, I often find myself thinking its really cute...even if their going at it, full on, I look at them like any regular hetro couple and wish that they'd get a room. If its to lesbians though, and they are going at it pretty heavy, then I might try to avert my eyes twice as much, or any childrens or young teenage boys with raging hormones. I guess I think girl-on-girl stuff seems more erotic therfore I shouldnt really let my siblings or myself look, its kinda like seieng a peep show. I guess i"m a bit uncomfortable, but I'm finding a hard tiem understand why since I grew up with quite alot o lesbians...I shouldnt be acting as if its some "naughty" activity anymore.
  • I don't have a problem with it. I just don't care to see two dude kiss. Man and woman is just natural to me. Maybe if I was gay I'd see things differently, but I'm not, so I don't. Love me or hate me. That's how I see it.
  • No, I dont have a problem, seeing two people in love, holding hands or kissing, if it goes beyond that, I dont care for it.
  • It's not that I don't like it. But it does make me feel a little uncomfortable. I support homosexual relationships, but perhaps because this type of relationship is not as widely shown on TV and in the media in general as hetrosexual relationships, people don't know how to respond and therefore resort to feeling uncomfortable? Thats my two cents. Hope I didnt offend anyone.
  • I dont have a problem with either. Its nice to see people being affectionate and showing their love for their partners.
  • i don't like either. holding hands sure. eating each other's faces off...makes me want to throw things...
  • I dont mind holding hands, arms over shoulder/around waist, hugging or light kissing. Personaly I dont like it was I see anyone eating faces, especially when I can hear it. I dont even let my s/o kiss me in public. So I dont mind affection of either homosexual or heterosexual couples as long as its kept at a minimal less 'sexual' display.

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