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  • Question: I had sex with someone right after her period ended, she does not take birth control and I did not c*m in her. Im told ovulation doesnt occur until 11-21 days after a period. She is worried if this still could have gotten her pregnant, right now is the 27th day since we had sex but she is usually 2-3 days early, and has not gotten her period. Should we be worrying? How likely is it that she could be pregnant? Answers: It is not very likely that she is pregnant. The body accumulates the lining of the uterus all month long in preparation to host a fertilized egg. The window of opportunity for this to happen is only 24-36 hours and then the egg dies, and the hormones come into play that tells the body that all of that lining it created needs to be slothed off. Thus the period. Even if there was an egg present one day after her period ended, (which would be an abnormality) there would not be anything there to keep it alive and nourished. It is a fact that stress can delay a period by a few days and I guarantee she is thinking about it morning, noon, and night and stressing herself out. This could very well be the reason. However, if she is past her 28th days, a over-the-counter pregnancy test will tell you the truth. Good Luck!
  • you can get pregnant at any time during your cycle.
  • It is less likely during that time and for a few days afterward, but I read that it is possible to get pregnant at any time during the month.
  • can you have sex while your on your period?
  • Yes, someone can get pregnant while on their period, or when it has just ended, or any other day of the month, when they have sex. All that has to happen is for a sperm to meet up with an egg. There are some days when that is more likely than others, but there are no days when it is not possible.

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