• I know the answer to this one. I am a landlord and I do it all the time. You tell the tenant who is on the lease that they are in violation by allowing the other individual to stay there and that if they don't do something about it in 48 hours you are evicting them. Then 48 hours later if they are not gone you evict the tenant who is on the lease. Everyone is gone and you get a new tenant who respects the terms.
  • Hire a couple of bikers to look after the removal of your unwanted guest. Deadbeats usually run on their own when they see a couple of big grease balls throwing their stuff out the door.
  • Unless they receive mail there they have no right to a 30 day notice. Just tell them get your stuff out by the end of the week and I want my key back.
  • i think i remember from my time at the police academy (long story there) that, as a roommate of a deadbeat, if the person can show/prove they live, they receive mail there or have more than a change of clothes present, that you as a roommate cant evict them OR change the locks OR deny them entrance. if you are a landlord, review the lease you provided, see what it says about eviction. i believe that since the lease is to be signed by all parties living there, THAT may put them in violation of the lease= you can evict them (through the proper eviction process). OR if they have signed the lease and someone else hasnt, technically they are "sub-leasing" to that deadbeat, and THAT may also mean they have violated their lease.
  • is for reporting deadbeat renters. All rental property owners need to checkout and post their deadbeat renters. When renters find out their name is on that database they quickly want to pay-up. Also, it helps other landlords from getting burned and you can check if any renter has a record.

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