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  • Sure! Most attractive in my eyes.
  • Even though my lover is the most attractive person I have ever been with, if she wasn't and she asked that, I wouldn't tell her so. Only bad things could possibly come from that, and it's not worth it.
  • Been there done that, except the question was about best lover. I don't lie so I told the truth, NO
  • No I wouldnt lie though and tell them what I LOVE about them instead...
  • No NO NO NO... Lie Lie Lie
  • Heck no. A white lie, in this case, will save many a future agrument
  • If you are asking about outward appearances, I would tell them it is what is inside that makes them beautiful.
  • I would hope they wouldn't ask me that. Usually people don't ask me those kinds of questions because I am always honest. If she did, I'm not sure what I would say.
  • hell no dont tell them the truth. guys get weird when you tell them that shit. one time my man asked me if my ex was better at sex, he said to be honest, i told him my ex was better, he flipped out, so i had to tell him i was just kidding
  • "You are the most attractive to me because you are the one I love the most. More than anyone from my past"
  • I don't think I'd send the blunt, 'to be honest you aren't.' But I wouldn't lie either. Instead, compare them to your previous partners, explaining how their qualities are 'that much' better. Don't go making things up, but if your last partner was always burning pasta, and this one can bake amazing fairy cakes than say so. Avoid the worse qualities, which could end in a little row, just keep the compliments rolling. :)
  • First of all, "attractiveness" isn't simply physical. We're all searching for the total package for ourselves -- our soulmate. Once you find that person, he/she WILL be the most attractive person you have ever or will ever be with.
  • There are some things in life that need to be lied about, and that is always one of them. No skirting the subject by complimenting features or telling her that her personality is awesome. No. She's the most physically attractive person I've been with.
  • I don't lie. My partner knows this and so would probably never ask me that question, just as I won't ask 'do I look fat in this?" because I would expect an honest answer. I would probably ask him if he really wanted me t answer that question and if he said yes then I would ask him in what way does he mean attractive? Physically or spiritually? I would imagine the debate over being specific would have him drop it long before I got to an answer.
  • I would probably tell him the truth, but it shouldnt even be an issue because we should'nt be in each others past. that will just create an unnecessary argument.
  • What good would it do telling them someone else was hotter? I would definitely tell them they're the hottest, the best, the biggest...... "What? That half naked six pack model? Pff... so not my type" I would expect the same from him =o) We all secretly know the truth. No one is perfect. But it's nice to hear that someone else thinks we are - I mean, who else would we hear such kind words from?
  • Tell them what you really think, and tell them why they are better than the most attractive person ever.
  • Only a truly insecure person would ask such a stupid question. I would answer the question with "How do you think up these things to ask me?" Leave it at that.
  • Intelligence and emotional maturity are even more important than beauty. An intelligent and emotionally mature person would not ask such a question. Take it from there.
  • You say, "The past is past. All that is past is faded from view. My eyes and my heart are yours. You attract me with such power that I am drawn to you in this moment. This is our moment. It is what we have. All who have come before are gone away. I am gazing into your yes and into your soul and what I see is overwhelming beauty. I don't know what attractive is. All I know is that I am attracted to you." That should take care of it.
  • If you reply with a flat NO, then you feed into your lover's insecurities. A flat YES is unconvincing and leads to more fishing for compliments. Be honest. People are attractive for numerous reasons. List for your lover the ways in which he/she IS the most attractive: most beautiful eyes, sexiest smile, best kisser, most generous lover, most exciting, gentlest, funniest, most loving... You might then try asking what prompted the question in the first place and talk about it.
  • No.I tell them a big whopper,with all the bells and whistles ;)
  • I'd tell them the truth and say... Yes, but he knows that he's better looking than my ex. :P But... If they were having problems because they thought they were unattractive to me, I think I'd talk about that instead.

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