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  • I... never really cared about that. So probably I would.
  • Seriously.....NO,No and NO
  • Although I greatly like sex and consider it one of the better bonding activities. Yes, I would still love them. I've gone 4 months already without him.
  • Yes i would i love him for him not the sex...but it helps lol.
  • Yes, I could. Sex is not the only thing -- or even the most important thing -- in the relationship. The relationship should be about two people who love each other, and are committed to spending the rest of their lives together -- through the good and the bad.
  • Yes, love is more than just a physical attraction. There is many more aspects to a relationship than just sex.
  • Yeah. No relationship is worth developing in the first place if it cannot survive only one aspect being removed.
  • I haven't had it yet with my partner, and we've been dating for quite a while. Love prevails =).
  • Of course I would still love him and continue to be in love with him. There are other ways of being intimate together an showing your affection for one another then sex.
  • Well, it would drive me crazy, but there are other ways to show that I love him. :D Relationships, or atleast long term ones, develop without first having to go through having sex... so of course you can abstain from it.
  • Of course I would still love the person if I loved them in the first place. Would I stay solely with them is the real question. I would always love them, but I don't think I would stay with them. I would stay close, but our relationship would no longer be boyfriend and girlfriend after a while. It would eventually be a friend that I love, but that is all.
  • I would still love them, but would have to get sex somehow. I'm sure they would understand.
  • Of for someone doesn't diminish because sex can't be had....or at least in my eyes it shouldn' is unconditional...
  • As long as it wasn't her choice to stop. Things can happen, and physical relations can become difficult or even dangerous. That can be overlooked. But to selfishly cut another off because you don't naturally mesh is no excuse. I don't think anyone can love another indefinitely without any sort of reciprocation.
  • Love and sex are two different thing. One could, and does, exist without the other. Ask the equal yet opposite question of "Would you sleep with (sexual) someone whom you do not love?"
  • Yes. I'll love him forever.
  • Yes. I love my man ,and I will be with him no matter what. sex is important,But it doesnt out-weigh my love for him ,and it never will. I'm with him till death do us part. If your truly in love that should'nt even be a question.
  • yes most definitely, so long as i could still cuddle and be affectionate it would all be good
  • Without a doubt!
  • Yes, I would. Our marriage, our relatioship, our friendship and our love are based on much more than sex.
  • Yes. Absolutely
  • As a married person, nothing like the absence of sex would affect the way I adore my husband. I'm in it through thick & thin. We were meant to be together, sex or no sex. If I were single and dating a person and the whole "unknown" issue of would we last anyway..then I may move on since there was no committment before the sex stopped. But if there was a committment, then you have a lot of thinking to do. If this question is because someone was unfaithful to you and is likely bringing a desease to you...then all bets are off. I would be gone.
  • My wife and I have three kids, 4, 3, and 2. She works days Tuesday through Saturday and I work 4p to 2 a Friday through Monday. We hardly see each other much less have time for sex, but we still love one another.
  • of course, absolutely
  • yes, i would still love them...but im not sure i would be able to stay with them
  • my wife does not like sex more than 3 times a year (might as well be never) as long as we still have other things that we like to do togeter I will keep loving her.
  • I am not sure, sex is a really importan part of a relationship, i like to connect with my partner with sex, but if something is wrong we would have to try really hard to keep our relationship.
  • If this is a serious question, and you are really in a situation where one of you will be unable to have intercourse after some medical procedure (and it just happened recently to a friend of mine), then I would suggest that you have a lot of talks about how you can remain physically close and even have "sex" together. Cause sex is about physical and emotional intimacy, not just about intercourse. As others have responded, there are a lot of aspects of a physical relationship like kissing, cuddling, touching, all kinds of ways of showing affection and many ways of touching and being together can define sex. I also agree that love is not just about sex, but sex is an important aspect to an intimate relationship because it's a wonderful way of being close, sharing and pleasing each other.
  • It depends on the relationship. I mean, I've been in relationships where the only thing going is really the sex--in those cases, no I wouldn't love them anymore. But I've also been in relationships that are more like best-friendships, where I share my whole life with that person, and we get along for all kinds of reasons. In those situations, I might be able to love them if we could never have sex again. But it also depends on why you can't have sex. I mean, if it's a physical problem, there may be ways around it--like, maybe you can't have penetrative sex, but you can still make out and give each other orgasms with your hands and mouths. But if it's all or nothing, for some reason, that would be a lot harder, I think.
  • Yes. Sex is just one of the many ways two people share and express how they feel about one another. I have been married almost 24 years and during that time we could not have sex for two and a half years due to a medical condition, we are still together years later so it can be done.
  • I thought of this...and my answer is yes. I love my bf so much...deeper and more intense than I've ever loved anyone. Although we both enjoy sex very much, I would love him even without sex.
  • ofcourse sex is just the icing on the cake ha!
  • Seriously...YES!!! I married a man with erectile dysfunction, so we NEVER had sex. I truly loved him with ALL MY HEART & he loved me!!! Sex is great; however, love is GREATER!!! 😍😇

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