• I want to say no, but society has forced me to say yes. If some of the trash that is spoken these days is defended on the basis of free speech, then why not spam?
  • No, their right to free speech ends where my computer and my internet connection that I pay for begins.
  • Yes, but I also agree the the IP can band or deny service to such people who spread spam.
  • No, to them free speech means free money.
  • NO!! Maybe if we sent ALL our spam to those judges--they might want to change their minds...ya think??
  • people are getting too uptight these days. Email spam is rare, unless you dont uncheck a box on something you just signed up for.(yes real spam does make it in, but ive had an email account for 15 years, and the only spam i get is from the email service owners, like yahoo, or microsoft hot mail.) Snail mail spam, just think of the bisnes trying to make a living, how else they going to get noticed.
  • No, It is my home, and my computer, and if I did not invite you in, then it is not free speech, it is illegal entry! Spam can cause millions of dollars for computer repairs, also spam can steal everything on your computer, which could cause millions of dollars to many companies if certain information were stolen. I will never figure out how these lamehead judges? can call spam FREE SPEECH!! I think we should all send the spam we get to these judges!
  • The information within the spam is free speech but the way it is delivered is intruding. If you are requesting information that is one thing, but when it is forced unto you it should be criminal.
  • Spam is bull, but it's considered free bull I guess!
  • not really,especially on here

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