• i'd say making out with another guy is a good sign (if the person in question is a guy)
  • They prefer sex with someone of the same gender.
  • I think the best way would be to just ask them. You could maybe tell by looks. Some gay men wear girlish or not boyish clothes. Also some talk differntly maybe similar to a girl. has lots of good answers.
  • This is individual and impossible to answer. There can be things someone (male or female) does at a very young age that gays also do early on, that mean nothing later in life when the gay persons sexual orientation is discovered and shown to others.
  • Does he/she love wearing blue capes? With a big "?" on the back? With an orange scarf around his neck? Kinda like the 'Answerbag logo' silhoutte-man at the top of this page, who, we suspect, is either Orson Welles or Truman Capote walking away. (LOVE that fedora!) So the doubter thinks Liza Minelli is cool? And has identified with suffering like her mom? or maybe MOMA? Perhaps he/she bid on Audrey Hepburn's "Little Black dress" on Ebay! Last bid: $800,000! Let's face it- he will not have that kind of money! But- perhaps! He could consider "Interior Decorating" on those matchbook covers. And then call that 1-800 number NOW. With a bit of luck, he/she could get rich and own Truman Capote's fedora. I've heard it's coming up soon on EBay. But- If one is fascinated by the "Refrigerator Repairman" courses on those matchbook covers. CONGRATULATIONS! He is straight! Some straight advice: 'He' should not wear those crappy "low riser" jeans when repairing some hottie's refrigerator. Particularly if her husband works shifts. And ESPECIALLY if he -the repairman (or husband) weighs more than 200 lb. We trust this answers your question.
  • -Sends out emails about new LD gay bars opening up ? -Drinks cheap red wine everyday ? -Refuses to soscialize and spends inordinate amount of time on cyberspace ?
  • um they were born
  • Well, they NEVER click on the Female Pleasure Find Female Desire For Pleasures at Great Prices. google ad here! 'cause they know it all! All? No .. I know a few tricks that female plesurseekurs just will never discover! And Orson Welles will NEVEr find them out! Mwahhuuuhhuuuu! (Hint- something to do with MapleLeaf - Shneider's All-beef Baloney -soaked in Pinoqachole for a fortnight!) You do the rest, smartypants.
  • Well, there's not really a way to tell someone is gay unless they tell you they are. The "signs" people usually speak of are primarily stereotypes. And the stereotypes people usually rattle off apply to straight folks as well.
  • That they are attracted to someone of the same gender. There are no other "signs." Frankly, I don't know how you would get such information unless you knew someone very personally, nor that such information would be any of your business.
  • I can only speak for myself. I found men's bodies sexually attractive and had my first and only sexual experience with a man. I enjoy women's company but have never had a sexual relationship with a women and have no desire to do so. I have always known love with men in a special way. Many have told me that I just didn't meet the right woman but I have met many wonderful women but they are friends and there just is no sexual desire. There is a great difference between sex and love for me.I hope this helps
  • Showtunes is the number 1 indicator. They know em sing em have em recorded

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