• Who pooped on your leather seats? I'd try to get rid of them AND the smell.
  • Febreeze?
  • ammonia and water
  • Don't let the dog in any more.
  • human poop, it was an accident, and I care for them and it's the first time it has EVER happened
  • An 18-wheeler coming toward you in your lane huh?
  • Vinegar and water. Rinse thoroughly and let it air dry (heat, like from a hairdryer, will set the smell). It might take a repeat application to take everything out, depending on how big a mess it was, but this should work. If you still have an issue in there, you could always take it in to a dealership or independent place and have it detailed. They have other magical tricks that can make things come out that you thought were set for life. Good luck! Ricart Auto
  • You need to use a product that will break down the organic ingredients so it can be completely removed from the leather. Go on line and get a product called Scat. It will take out anything organic including poop and vomit. I have used it on a leathed couch. Apply it directly to the area, rub it in and let it sit for around 10 minutes, then blot it out with clean damp sponges and blot dry with clean towels. You can get Scat on line at I would first do a test spot on an inconspecuous part of the seat first to make sure your leather seats will not change color once used and dry again. Luckly I had a black couch.

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