• OMFJ!!!! i cannot stand that nintendo won't come out with a new dk too.
  • Not sure about Donkey Kong Couintry - not seen that one - but the Diddy Kong Racing was not really suited for the DS. Its much better on a big screen with several people playing. You could hook up several Nintendo DSs to play it of course- but the screen is still too small. The DS is wonderful for a selection of games that dont rely heavily on graphics or the big screen appearance - but its not so good for racing type games for example. You will have to paly them on the Wii or buy yourself a PSP (which of course doesnt have the great brain type games that the DS has).
  • I don't think so. Rare went under after they did DKC3, and Rare gave the series its distinctive feel - Nintendo tried to recapture it for DK64, but failed miserably.

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