• I don't smoke any more but when I did I loved a good blunt... If I didn't have one of those I liked to smoke out of a bong!!!
  • I find that the new way is the pot vaporizer.It is free of smoke,without the smell on the clothes and you only get the effect of the THC.
  • When I smoked, I smoked joints. Sometimes, used a bong.
  • Wehehelll, back in the day, I was a bong and blunt kinda girl though that was a while ago. Ahhhh, memories...with everything going on in my life today I couldn't function and still be a stoner but I remember the days. (I think.) LOL!! :)
  • I prefer pipes. Though, I can roll one hell of a blunt. I like the green leaf cigars.
  • I prefer a joint!
  • i always love to blaze a nice spliff, but i have been smoking bongs for quite a few years now , either way!! im gettin fucked!! ; )
  • Order of preference based on top quality weed; 1)Joint 2)Bong 3)Gravity Bong {Requires healthy lungs, but gives a helluva bang for the buck!} 4)pipe(although it IS my most common method of smoking pot) 5) Killer Brownies (the highest I ever got off of weed, but expensive and semi-wasteful) 6)Shots of pot*(*a little known way of smoking weed that requires a "power-hitter", {usually a squeeze bottle with a small 'breather hole' in the bottom, that gets covered while a well rolled joint is placed in the INSIDE of the screw cap}, and you squeeze a thick stream of smoke into a LARGE shot or short Highball glass that has been chilled as far below freezing as you can get it. The cold glass condenses the smoke into a thick 'fog' that you throw back and inhale as if you were inhaling a shot of booze.
  • i like to smoke out of a bong the best.
  • I like bongs and bubblers, but I usually use a pipe. Whatever I can smoke out of is pretty awesome. I used to use apples a lot when I was younger lol
  • I find that rotating those options every so often works better than just sticking to one bowl or one bong, etc.. after smoking a bowl for a week or so, smoke a joint...
  • bongs, are first, of course. pipes are convenient when you don't have the time/patience to roll joints/blunts. blunts are gnarllyyyyy, joints are convenient if you pre-roll them.
  • i used to use water pipes only. as i got older and the weed became more scarce i switched to a tiny one-hitter.
  • for me it is either a pipe or joint normally sometimes i will use a bong
  • How come no one ever does weed hot knifes?it is the best way to get high and it uses the least amount of weed!try it out man!!!
  • I prefer a joint, however a couple of hits with a bong followed by a J goes down well

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