• If they can do it for one day, they should be able to do it indefinitely.
  • Yes, it is a depressing state of affairs, but it is one repeated the world over by people in all walks of life. "Success" is the act of rising above your competition; whether this is achieved by boosting yourself up or by trampling your opposition down beneath you doesn't seem to matter to people as much as it ought to. Politics is merely the most high-profile example of this happening; Obama and McCain are no worse for this than the average joe.
  • It is a noble act on both sides, but it should be permanent because it is the decent and correct attitude. We are all tired and disgusted with the slandering and rubbish around the campaign, meanwhile there are terrible situations going on and we are all fixed only in the campaigns.
  • The dirty politics disappoints me. One of the reasons I don't like politics. If you have to stoop to the level of mud-slinging to make yourself look better than your opponent, then you are no better than your opponent.
  • No really, I don't!! I actually find it kind of two-faced, since I know they will be back to the same old thing tomorrow. Did they actaually appear together? You know what I would like to see? HAHAHA Right!! Maybe they could get together and give each other compliments. Be bigger men. Imagine.......
  • No, I don't hate it... I expect it. The IQ level of political discussion is low because we (the electorate) don't demand more from ourselves: we don't spend time studying the complex issues and giving a fair review to the various viewpoints about it. We want quick, easy answers, and we have idealized notions about the "savior" who will make it all better. A true leader would be demanding... of us! He or she would insist that we rise to their level of insight and understanding. Such a person would be hard to listen to, one would have to pay close attention and then hit the books afterward to fill in the gaps. Such a person would not get elected, because they would not keep us entertained and give us simplistic reassurances that they have the answers. We are getting what we deserve, for the level of effort and intelligence we have exercised.
  • i dont know bu ti LOVED how mccain started using 911 tribute to show he has more experience with war. shut the fuck up mccain
  • I do hate the dirtiness of politics. All the mudslinging and false accusations truly cloud the vision of the undecided and and mislead them. I think political races should be very cut and dry. Facts only, and if someone is found fudging the facts they should be held accountable. There's no accountability right now, except for a couple of websites where you can go and read the facts. This election, I have seen more false accusations by the GOP than I could have ever imagined. If you go to, you will see the blatant lies they continue to spread about their opponent. Obama is guilty too, but at least he stretches the truth in some areas... McCain just outright lies. It's pathetic. Elections need to be about the issues. I'm so sick of name calling and lipstick and lies.

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