• I believe that is your second cousin once removed.
  • The relationships are very simple to define and yet they can become very complex as well. The relation between your Dad and his Cousin is kind of like a brothers. Therefore, your Dad's Cousin is your Uncle. Since he's your Uncle, his daughter is your 2nd Cousin. Furthermore, it is allowed relationship between 1st, 2nd, 3rd.... cousins to get marry. Also it is allowed that if you are interested in your cousins daughter/son, you are allowed to marry. Eventhough they are your neice/nephew in relation to your cousin. However, direct blood relations are to be carefully monitered. For example, you are not allowed to marry your direct relations. For example, your blood brother/sister's son/daughter are your direct neice/nephew. You are the Uncle and they are kind of like your own children. Hope this explains a bit.
  • The old timers would say 2nd cus once removed.
  • second cousin once removed. Children of siblings are first cousins. Children of first cousins are second cousins. Children of second cousins are third cousins, etc. Cousin's daughter is one generation removed from you; hence, second cousin once removed.
  • Unlike some total nonsense answers here, I will direct you to that tells you all your relatives: Your Dad's cousin is your first cousin, once removed and that cousins daughter is your second cousin once removed.
  • cousin...2nd?
  • All of these answers are WRONG. Your first cousins are your parents siblings children. Your second cousins are your parents first cousins children. Your children and your second cousins children would be third cousins. Therefor, your dad's cousins daughter would be your second cousin. First cousins share the same grand-parents, second cousins share the same great-grandparents, and third cousins share the same great great grandparents.

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