• Not at all.I am very particular about children
  • Never - I never let go of their hands when they were very small and never let them out of my sight as they got older. They are 17 and 19 now and I still keep an eye on them when we are out together - Lol!
  • no never, i am always too careful.:)
  • Yes but by the time I got home they had found him D'OH.
  • Nope. My oldest and my youngest are pretty far apart in age so I only have one to look after. The youngest is in the seat now.
  • Damn!!....I forgot to check there....;)
  • Omg yes. It is a funny story now but I was frantic at the time. I have a chronic bronchitis cough. Have had it for like 20 years now. I was running up and down the aisles looking for him. And HE found ME. Only when he was an adult did he tell me how he did it. He stood very still and then walked toward the coughing!
  • NO!!!!! He would always be right there with me!! Goddess watching him at all times ;):)
  • nope but my son is only a yr old not to many places he can go without me knowing now when he starts walking ill have to figure something out lmao
  • No. But I was good at it myself. At the NY World's Fair in 1965, I wandered off by myself (age 8), and also left a class trip in the 4th grade to explore my own desires and curiousities.
  • Yes, darn it! My older four would encourage my youngest to hide in the middle of the circular clothes wracks. GRR I didn't find out until the last couple of years, since they've been adults, that they were doing this to him and to me. I can't tell you the number of times it freaked me out. I finally got a tether for his wrist and mine so it's wouldn't happen anymore. I hate those things, but I figured better that than lose him altogether.
  • Yes, I lost my toddler at Ford City shopping mall in Chicago in 1973. He was right beside me when I was looking at a clothes rank. The next second he was gone. He had walked the whole length of the shopping mall evidently. As soon as I couldn't find him I ran for help. This happened so fast. I was always very careful and took good care of my children but this just goes to show you what can happen.
  • lost my son once in a grocery store. I am in a panic like most moms would be. found him behind a soda display.(.one of those with a bunch of 12 packs stacked up) in the window looking out at everyone in the parking lot just laughing. I was NOT amused
  • Always had him on one of those Plastic cord things that stretch;)!!
  • Nope..but he lost me..just as I lost my mom when I was a kid. It all worked out, of course. We moms need to stay close to our kids and not meander away because something sparkly calls to us! :)
  • I don't have childrens but I was lost in Goa once when I was a Kid.. That was sadly on my Birthday :)
  • I have not, because I have no children but my mum lost me once, she thought she had me but it was someone else's kid and when their mother saw they thought my mum was trying to kidnap their child. She eventually found me in the store
  • no but i lost my nephew once.....unfortunately he found me.
  • Nope...but I used to purposely get lost so I can get a sucker from the front desk :)

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