• It's really not that hard. It's pretty logical for simple stuff. You can just click and drag to add buttons, text boxes, menus, and so on. You will need to learn how to code. It's a very simple language, but there's a lot to know. You need to buy some books on Visual Basic. You can study them and be able to make some simple programs within an week or two.
  • if you ask someone to teach you , you will never learn, just start working as steelstr45 said, this is the best way
  • There isn't room here to do that, but Microsoft have a VB learning site here: You will have to register with them before you can access the page. You could also check this out: or Google learn "Visual Basic" for loads more sites.
  • Learn visual basic in your own.
  • You have soo many resources you follow some related websites and YouTube videos..this will help you

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