• I am sure there probably are more good Bacardi mixers but my favorite Bacardi drinks are: Bacardi 151 and vanilla coke Bacardi 151 and pine apple juice Bacardi 151, Hypnotic and orange juice. (Hypnotic is a fruity alcohol you can get at most liquor and grocery stores).
  • Barque's red cream soda goes great with 151.
  • Bacardi sells frozen mixers at the store that I have used for more than just Bacardi and has been great try those.
  • There is a drink that i think is good. 151, pineapple juice, and malibu rum.
  • Forget Mixers dude, just drink it straight up in shots with a chaser.... its all gonna taste like hell anyways. but a few in you won't care anyhow.
  • I just take it as a shot because sipping on it is
  • Coca-cola is a good mixer (Stiff Rum&Coke), or try some Orange Juice (the ole bacardi sunrise).
  • 151 is typically enjoyed in a shot glass, on the account of the alcohol content by volume. However on a recent camping trip, I found the Pineapple juice mixes really will with 151 and even cuts a little bit of the throat burning sensation and provides a pleasant aftertaste. 2 or 3 of those, and it will be time to retire to the tent.
  • This is a really old topic, but I thought I'd reply as I was looking up 151 drinks. My friends and I use to mix a Red Bull with a couple(or few) shots of 151, and it really took out the taste of the 151 to where it was actually a decent drink. Which could be bad, as even a few shots of this can get you pretty tipsy. Never tried any other drinks with it, but one can of Red Bull and 2 shots of this makes a decent one...maybe 3 shots if you want, I'm not sure, we just kind of mixed it until it was a good taste but not too strong.
  • If you are bringing yourself to drink a real drink like 151, then you have to do it right. I prefer taking the strait shot myself, but since your asking, i think the best combo would be: 1/2 shot 151 1/2 shot yager light on fire and drop into a brew. Make sure the flame is out, and slam away. Red-bull works out fine too, but if your a beer drinker, go for your favorite brew. Try it, you wont be sorry. But make sure you got a place to rest :)
  • 151 bacardi hot sex vodka
  • Bacardi 151 and cherry coke is good. But if you cant stand the taste myself and a lot of my friends have found that mixing it with the 1 can of Bacardi strawberry daquiri mix and 1/2 can of Minute Maid Limeade works best to avoid the strong taste of the alcohol while still getting the job done! You still need to be prepared to take a long nap or be extremely tipsy though!
  • sweet iced tea and 151 is pretty nice.. like 1.5 shots of 151 and 12 or so oz of tea two teaspoons of sugar.. you're straight
  • pineapple juice and malibu rum go good with bac 151

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