• +4. No, it's not safe. It's not even completely safe for adults. All you can do is monitor your children while online and try to educate them, and yourself, about the dangers. A good way to do that is to go to It's an educational site put out by Perverted Justice. For adults, you should read some of the Perverted Justice files and see how online sexual predators operate. It will help you to educate your children. Perverted Justice is a group of trained civilians who go into online chatrooms and networking sites with underage profiles. Once there, the trained civilian simply waits; if an adult then contacts that profile and solicits what the adult believes to be a child for sex, then Perverted Justice works with the police to prosecute and convict that adult.
  • I don't think its safe for me to use the internet let alone my kids. But sometimes you have to give them trust
  • I don't think there's a certain age, they've just got to be mature enough for you to communicate with them effectively about the danger of online predators. I wouldn't mention the extra-violent content, that would probably only become an issue if you bring it up. As for pornography, the same thing applies, and if they're twelve or thirteen or older they'll probably find it themselves regardless of what you tell them (I know I did).
  • it's not safe for both kids and adults and will never be safe, but you try to get more + than _ fron usingthe net.
  • It's not even safe for adults! Can you imagine what happens to kids?
  • It's not safe. There was a story released this week about MySpace expelling 90,000 sex offenders from their membership. Children need supervision until they are adults.
  • My two girls use the internet.........Under my COMPLETE supervision. They did agree and I made them sign a piece of(daddy's legislation) I drafted as part of a compromise.
  • It is not safe. They have to be supervised. There is no difference between free internet and porno films.

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