• I'm happy with all the answers I receive. Thanks again to all who answer my questions :-)
  • Usually plain and simple, but some questions require a very long , wordy answer!
  • A basic principle of good writing is plain and simple.
  • Well it depends on the question.One cant answer everything with a simple yes or no answer that would hardly be neither practical nor responsible. Inevitably one will come across a question that will require deep retrospective thought and to attempt to convey such a message in layman's term simply would not do these thoughts justice. So in conclusion I prefer an assortment of both short and long answers depending on the question at hand. :P
  • If it is an educational question I prefer as much information as possible, most other questions, however they wish to answer is good enough for me, as long as they arent rude and obnoxious.
  • I prefer an answer that is well thought out and fully fleshed out. Otherwise it inevitably leads to misunderstandings. That said, some questions are so simple that a one or two word answer will suffice.
  • The plain and simple kind.:)
  • I am pleased with anyone that answers my questions. I enjoy both plain and simple and the very in depth answers from which I learn. Many types of answers can be very interesting.
  • Well, that depends. There are subjects that cannot be fully explained with just a few common words. To the same degree, simple questions don't need to have a book written about them. The intellectual depth of question(s) would be a factor also in determine how long the answer is going to be.
  • Clear and to the point
  • I like all kinds of answers, as long as they aren't rude. However someone feels they can communicate best is the best way:-)
  • As long as is necessary to be informative, but as short as possible.
  • It depends on my interest in the topic. If I'm really interested, I like detailed answers. If not, I prefer short and to the point.
  • I like all,funny ones are my favorite when appropriate.
  • As AB's resident carrier of inveterate preciosity, I favor answers that are replete with erudite and sophisticated vocabulary....:-D.... . . looong words, excellent words.... . .
  • Whichever one answers the question best.
  • I am first of all thankful our AB members take the trouble and time to read my questions and to answer them in an informative and comprehensible manner. It does not matter whether they come in plain & simple talks or longer paragraphs embedded with big words. I like them both. Much would depend on the questions themselves. Certain questions would necessitate the giving of more details and therefore justifying the use of more words. In one sense I love learning the big words if they are set in the right context.
  • i like accessible language.
  • If there is intelligence behind the answer..if it is clearly stated, logical and informative, I will take the long answer every time. I learn more that way. Short answers can be glib/clever/cute/humorous..that's fine if the question is glib/clever/cute/humorous. But if it is a serious question seeking thoughtful answers, plain/simple doesn't cut it. What is wrong with "long" words? We have many at our disposal..exacerbate, for means to make something worse..why not use the one perfect word instead of a bunch of "simple" words? What is wrong with that? Happy Sunday! :) ((hugs))

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