• I think the Solar System is more important. But, the oceans are very important as well.
  • My daughter and I were just talking about this very subject two days go! She feels that plumbing the ocean's depths should come first. As I explained to her, many folks have varied interests. Why can't both be done similtaneously?
  • My opinion. I think the seas should be explored. There are places not mapped yet. Creatures so far down, like in the Atlantic reef, 7 miles deep, who knows whar great things can be found. Maybe a plant for medicine or to help cncer patients, that's where I,d go:)
  • space exploration, without a doubt. i think space exploration is key to unlocking mysteries that have haunted humankind from the "beginning". i think innerspace exploration is just as important as outer space exploration. i believe quantum physics holds the key to the answers to how the universe works, how we got here, and what we are ***stardust***

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