• Yes. Irresponsible and selfish to boot.
  • Yes it is and but my parent been doing it around me since I was born. That's why I'm in my room with the door shut most times.
  • I think it is. Monkey see what monkey do.
  • Absolutely, it is irresponsible to smoke in front of anybody especially children. It sends them a message that it is okay to smoke. Not only that, it is harmful to them.
  • Yes, knowing what cigerettes do to you and the second hand factor, yes, it is very irresponsible.
  • im a smoker so is my husband and all friends and family. i have a 5yr old daughter and 17mnt old son. they have never ever even seen me smoke they dont even know . as far as the rest of the family no no and no nobody somkes around or in front of the kids it is irresponsibe
  • It is very irresponsible. Not only do cigarettes harm you but doing it in front of a child sets a bad example and it can cause respiratory problems in their future if they are around it enough. ~Zorgoth
  • No I don't think it is irresponsible but I do think it sets a bad example. I am a smoker and I have children and I smoke around them. I know it may be wrong and not healthy for me to do so but I don't feel that I am a irresponsible parent.

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