• Miss Palin is all the old things that are wright oops right with the Republican party, Obama has never seen one like this, I can't want to hear his response.
  • I respectfully disagree. I think she was a true Ugly American spewing nastiness and she has outward beauty but she is a true barracuda. She is no Abe Lincoln, she is more like Pat Buchanan.
  • Well I think she is an act all right, with little class for sure. The only preparation she can send someone shopping for is a good therapist after the loss, beating, thrashing, and trouncing her and McCain will get in November. Tell the governors staff not to unpack her bags, because she will not be moving into the White House.
  • I sure Sarah "Palen" is a class act. Sarah Palin, on the other hand, is a so-con Republican lightweight, who is, nonetheless leaving her Down baby and pregnant 17 year-old daughter behind for status. If a liberal did this, so-con Republicans would have a field day.
  • She did a great job of reading a speech that was written (by someone else) weeks before and tweaked to appear reliant to her. Her trainers must be very pleased. They might have given her an extra butter fish for her performance.

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