• Planes are safer because less of them crash on average than cars.
  • might make you want to fly on a place but might make you not want to. Personally it would matter if I went somewhere far away. If I went on a plane to somewhere I could drive to in 5 hours, I wouldn't take one. On cars, I would be able to experience more than a plane. All you do in a plane is watch movies, eat nuts, etc. But I would take a plane if I was going somewhere 15 hours away with a car. It would take a long time to go with a car and lots of gas.
  • Safer per mile, certainly. But most people actually reckon the length of journeys per minute, not per mile. On that basis, the two more-or-less equal out. So if you *have* to go on a long journey, the plane is safer. But if you are wondering to go on a one-hour car drive or a local one-hour flight, the two are the same.
  • The stat is arrived at by comparing the number of passenger vehicles on the road with the number of airplanes in active service and the number of passenger they carry. Then you look at the number of accidents for both and find that when compared to each other, given the above information, there are far fewer incidents of accidents and fatalities in air travel than in automobiles, relatively speaking. This is relative, because far more people drive than fly, so the actual numbers are represented by percentage points.
  • Yes, but won't the plane take too much space up on the road?
  • There are less drunk pilots in the skies?
  • People are nervous in planes because they do not have control,also a plane crash is very big news predominately because there are so few of them. Air Travel is far safer than road travel.We just do not get news headlines about all the road deathsPlane crashes are extremely rare when you take into account the number of planes in the air every day. Just at London Heathrow one takes off every 60 seconds and that is only one of 4 London Airports
  • If you think air travel isn't as safe as driving a car next time you're at a red light look who's driving the car next to you.
  • It's safer because nobody is going to crash you. And, it's also 9 times as fast! You could drive 10hours, or you could just fly one hour... You will be bored that hour... but you'll win 9 hours...
  • Many more cars crash than do planes
  • It used to be 27 times safer traveling by air than in an automobile. I don't know what it is now although I am sure it is about the same. The most dangerous part of any trip by air is the time traveling from your home to the airport and back home.

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