• I'll give you four. I live here I can be found here I am here And I have lots of ice cold beer. Seriously, though... I'm here
  • i have no good reasons
  • The real answer: 1. It's still the south! You get ACC and SEC schools. 2. If you can't find a job or something to do on the weekends here in Atlanta, you ain't trying hard enough! 3. The Flying Biscuit! The expected AB answer: I got about 9 reasons for you move to my neck of the woods! (Bow chicka wow wow!) HAHAHA
  • 1). It's me. 2). You'll be closer to me. 3). It's me.
  • 1) The ocean is just outside my front door. 2) It's clean, quiet, and safe here. 3) California time has been proven to be psychologically healthier than East Coast time. No, really. I swear. No lie
  • - Holland is very high on the list of 'happiest' countries in the world :) - Amsterdam rocks! - 99% of the people here speak English, are relaxed & friendly (no rednecks and no redwoods either :)
  • The Bay Breeze keeps you Cool Parks within 2 hours Wineries within a 2 Hour Drive!
  • in oklahoma you get all four seasons, cost of living is cheaper, and we have OU football.
  • Free beer... or bear, I always get those two mixed up.
  • 1. SC is a little warmer in the winter than where you are now, but not too far away from your friends in Virginia. I have a ton of friends in Virginia, too. 2. Equi-distance to the beach or the mountains. 3. See SomeGuy's #1 response - ACC & SEC schools! GO GAMECOCKS!!!!!!!!!!! We have rabid college football fans, so you must like football and tail-gating (or be able to pretend to like them!) Bonus Answer: Our soon-to-be-nationally-known visitor's bureau and convention center slogan: FAMOUSLY HOT!! Yep, that's us!
  • Me, myself and I (love it here in North Yorkshire UK) :o)
  • gas is cheap, people are friendly, and crime is low
  • I'm here and I have a very nice....
  • you can get from 1 part of town to the other in 5 minutes crime is virtually non existent very little noise.. the town is 75% elderly people
  • Me, me, me
  • A whole new way of life, and everyone will love you, for your accent alone! You will have somewhere 'different to invite your friends and relatives And i just so happen to make the best coffee in town :D
  • It's your turn to feed your spoilt brat Godhorse .. 3 times :)
  • because is beautiful:) and under populated , there are only 4 million of us here in lil ol kiwi land !! BUT it does rain an awful lot !!
  • We're a fairly small town, only 15-30 minutes away from Indianapolis and all IT has, 30-45 minutes away from Lafayette and all IT has, 3 hours from Chicago and Evansville, 3-1/2 from Cincinnati, and lots of small towns around here. VERY quiet in our neighborhood, but we can be on a N/S Interstate in 5-10 minutes, and a state road is only about a block from here. Commuting to those other towns (if necessary) is pretty damn straight-forward, but you can take the backroads, easily (and sometimes faster!) BONUS: You have built-in friends - My wife and I live her. ;-)
  • Big Ben The London Eye Theatres/nightlife Ive replied again, because i 'posted my comment by acc. hehe (Coffees still on) :D
  • the weather changes so if you dont like it 1 day you might the next my town is not small but not so big where its easy to be lost there buliding a new mall in my town
  • None what so ever. I can give you a million reasons not to though:). Of course you are most welcome to visit but this part of town is too over crowded as it is to re locate to.
  • We could hang out together We could hang out together We could hang out together You didn't say they had to be three different reasons! :) ((hugs))
  • Backrubs Mixed drinks Snow that melts in one day
  • I live in Minnesota, home of the Mall of America, and the equally embarrassing Kennsington Runestone and Al Franken. How's that for starters? On the other hand, we have high taxes, long winters, and Jesse Ventura.

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