• I would think twice. Its a very sensitive spot and the piercing can damage your teeth. Tongue piercings are most often pierced with straight barbell style jewelry. Due to the amount of action and movement that the tongue is involved with (speech, eating, kissing, etc...), jewelry size and comfort is especially important.An uncommon version of this piercing will be close to the tip of the tongue, and a captive bead ring, may be worn in it. This placement and jewelry choice is uncommon because it is much more likely to cause discomfort and damage the teeth and gums. A tongue piercing is a piercing through the tongue. A single piercing in the center of the tongue is the most common form of this piercing, but multiple piercings are also possible. When done with the correct equipment, the piercing itself is not as painful as might be expected: like most piercings, the pain, while it can be quite intense, is fleeting. A mild degree of soreness afterward can be expected to last up to a day. However, a large amount of swelling in the (3-7) days afterwards will occur and can be extremely uncomfortable. Recently expert shown that tongue piercings may cause the stabbing pains in face just like electrical shocks that lasted 10 to 30 seconds and struck 20 to 30 times a day. Here is a history of a teen girl who had tongue piercings: Her doctors diagnosed trigeminal neuralgia, a nerve disorder sometimes called "suicide disease" because of the excruciating and dispiriting pain it causes. Doctors tried painkillers, then stronger medication, but in the end, a cure proved more simple: The young woman removed the metal stud from her pierced tongue.Two days later her pain vanished. Here indicated some life-threatening, linked to tongue piercing.Other problems include tetanus, heart infections, brain abscess, chipped teeth and receding gums. One woman developed so much scar tissue that it resembled what she called a "second tongue." In the newly reported case, the young Italian woman's mouth jewelry apparently irritated a nerve running along the jaw under her tongue. That nerve is connected to the trigeminal nerve, one of the largest in the head. "There are people who have been dropped to their knees" by trigeminal neuralgia, said Alana Greca, a registered nurse and director of patient support for the Trigeminal Neuralgia Association. "That's how intense and how horrendous the pain can be." The teenager is lucky her pain disappeared, Greca said."Certainly, this was an isolated case, an extremely rare complication of this kind of piercing," said Dr. Marcelo Galarza, a neurosurgeon at Villa Maria Cecilia Hospital in Ravenna, Italy, who reported the case to the journal. The tongue is "a particularly dangerous place to pierce" because it is rich in blood vessels that can spread infection to major organs and because it is near important nerves and the upper airway, he said. Jeanne Fritch, owner of Personal Art, a piercing and tattooing studio in Lake Station, Ind., said she has not heard of a similar case in her 21 years in business. Fritch recommended people interested in tongue piercing see only professional, experienced piercers and use only "implant grade" metal jewelry. Good mouth hygiene while the tongue heals also is important, Fritch said. Stefania Fraccalvieri, the patient in the report, is now 21 and a student in Rome. Her advice to people considering tongue piercing: "Don't do that. My experience was so bad. I was so sick and now I feel much better." The piercing has a tendency to heal a bit crooked as a result of the frenulum's placement in the exact center of the tongue. This is usually undetectable by anyone except the piercing's owner, but in some cases it can be quite pronounced.Tooth and gum damage are risks, but they can be minimized by proper placement, the use of properly-sized jewelry, and avoiding playing with the piercing. A bar that is very large-gauge or too long can greatly increase the risk of chipped teeth or gum erosion, and excessive impacts of the metal against the teeth can cause micro-fractures in the tooth enamel.
  • Think about whether you would regret it if it got infected and your tongue had to be removed? If not then go for it. You can always take it out later if you change your mind. Keep in mind it hurts like hell. I passed out it hurt so bad.
  • Hell yes!!!!! well personally i love them.... well only on girls not guys sorry... i actually have 2 tongue rings :) and i love them
  • No 1) its painful 2) You will distinguish yourself from others, but not in a good way 3) Why bring pain and suffering on something God gave you, and helps you to digest food?
  • It's the best way to master your Sylvester the Cat impression.
  • No. They're hideous.
  • I had my tongue pierced in 2000, and I got really sick for about a month. I wore the barbell for 2 years and then got tired of it, so I took it out. I still have the hole in my tongue, it never closed up. I would say that it's probably not the best thing to do, but it's your tongue.
  • Probably not, there is more harm than good to it.
  • If you're asking us because you're unsure, then no
  • I have had my tounge pierced like four different times. Besides the fact of being kinda slutty, It puts small small cracks in your teeth everytime it hits them. Then you WILL bite down on that ball and probablly eventually break a tooth. It just got in the way too much for me.
  • I wouldn't because I a too afraid of getting an infection!
  • Its tacky
  • Body piercing of all sorts are ugly and an act of mutilation of a beautiful body so why go through the pain and the risk of infection? Just because others do it doesn't mean it must be cool. But then it's just like the Chinese bound feet era when everyone accepted it as a mark of beauty when infact it was as ugly as body piercing. Once done can not be undone so think twice.
  • YES!!!!
  • Thwat wus tat?
  • I wouldn't do it, but it's your tongue. Be aware there can be problems,
  • i think you should. i got mine done 2 months ago and mine is fine, i am not a teenager yet and i have got it .. i did not feel any pain and its hard too eat for 2 days but after that , everythings fine :-). hope you take in my information and get it done :)) bubi <3.
  • no way, not now or never. Sorry but too many people that have done it have speech impediments. Think long and hard before you decide. There are also some health risks. Find out what they are if you decide to go ahead.
  • No!....not 'til AFTER you get Mom's and Dad's Christmas gifts! :-)
  • I had mine done in high school. It was tender and swollen for a few days but healed fine. Also is one of the most temporary piercings and will close up pretty quickly if you choose to take it out. I took mine out since then, and actually had it re-pierced a year later. (I ultimately took that one out too because it did hurt my teeth) Ears take longer to heal then the mouth! Or, if you ever want to down play the piercing for a formal event purchase a clear or pink toung ring they are very difficult to see.
  • I wanted to until I spoke to my dentist. The bottom of the ring that is under the tongue rubs against the gum line and will cause the gums to recede. In most cases if left in long enough will cause you to lose you bottom teeth. Also with the ring in your mouth it will slowly chip your enamel off your teeth making it easier for you to get cavities. If you decide to do it good luck I heard it hurt BAD!!
  • I repierce mine myself, just by forcing it through, I had it in for about 2 years then took it out, and last week was the first time I put it in after 18 months, hurt like a bitch to get the bar through, but it did eventually pierce. now, less than a week after, I have no pain. When you get it done, yeah your tongue is swollen a lot for the first week or two, but your tongue actually takes about three months to go back to normal, I made the mistake of putting in a smaller bar to early and now I have a little crater on the underside of my tongue, but if you wait for as long as possible before putting in the perfect size, you won't have this. I also made the same mistake on my "lévre" (french word, don't know the english) and I had to put back the initial bar for another two weeks before using the small one. I've chipped two teeth over the years,n but you learn from your mistakes and take extra caution when eating. I find kissing can be annoying with it, but for other activities, I've had no complaints yet. ;-)
  • Sure, if you want your teeth to eventually rot out of your head
  • It's your tongue, it's up to you what you do with it. I personally wouldn't want mine pierced, but it's up to the individual.

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