• Many men have some chest development, whether muscle, fat or glandular tissue (gynecomastia). Weight gain and advancing years can create support problems, with sagging or bouncing. Men may be reluctant to turn to the solutions women use, such as a sports bra. They want the equivalent of a sports bra for men. About -
  • my friend matt jones wears one and he swears by it.
  • Yes, it's OK.
  • My biggest problem is finding a bra that fits well. Bras made for women never fit quite right. They either fit to loose and I don't get much if any support or they are way to tight. It would be nice if bras were made for men and a man could get fitted correctly with a good bra.
  • people might look at you funny - but I never thought of this before - they should make something like this for men. Why not!
  • I dont think there nothing worng with it. Do you know the 4th most pastic Surgery done on mean is breat reductions.

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