• No. You're not. You're the one who loves them and always did. They're the one who hates. It's hard to get over them because your feelings have not changed. It will take a while. Give it time to let your heart and head work it out.
  • When a relationship has ended for me (no matter who does it) for a week all I can think of is all the good not the bad. Making it harder to move on.
  • You can't expect your heart to flip over from love to hate just like that. Give it some time to heal. For your own good, do not try to hate, that strong negative emotion would hurt you inside and do nothing to your ex. Meanwhile, spend some time doing things you like, whether listening to music, reading, writing, painting, taking long walks, chatting with friends. Life has a way of coming around.
  • You're hurt. Emotionally you feel destroyed and yeah, it's ok to still think about it and not get over them. It's totally normal and it shows that you werent just with them to use them. It's just that the person you loved, who you would never think would hurt you, did. But just give it time. You will feel better. :D
  • yea, really!!! i developed the bobby-pin theory of relationships. if i pull the bobby-pin like this V, i see that on the outside (upward) all my classmates, co-workers, neighbors are out there. i might like them somewhat or not. but, as i get more attached to folks, i work down the V. my intense feelings of love or attraction, on the left side of the V bobby-pin, also are getting closer to feelings of hate or disgust, on the right side of the bobby-pin. by the time i get to the bent over part of the bobby-pin, that represents the most intimate or closest of relationships that i have (e.g., wife). it is the level of intimacy that defines a relationship - sometimes they start out lovingly and end up disasterously. once in a while, we fall in love with the person we initially hated, but, that is another story ... best wishes to you!
  • It is a circle of power. You have given him that power. Do whatever you can to keep your self distracted from thinking about him and move on.Good luck to you.
  • No you shouldn't hate them. You once loved them, their good qualities, their personality. Why should that change now? Hate what they did to you and forgive them for what they did and then they've lost their hold on you. If you keep hating, you are letting them control your emotions. Forgive and move on.
  • Well, no, because you guys would've gotten some kinda bond... usually if you've been dating 'em for long. Besides, you love the person.
  • Love is not a water faucet. It cannot be turned on and off. Look at those times as alearning period and move on. Mr Bill
  • I forget all my exgfs within 72hrs....and I'm still tarhet is 24hrs...
  • Because even though its over, a part of you will always love them. Just because they dumped on you doesn't mean that the love is gone. Do your best to put it behind you and move on...
  • You're never "supposed" to hate anyone. It is our purpose here to overcome and evolve out from under such limiting expressions of self and to help one another to realize it and overcome it rather than encourage and cultivate such a self debasing, unforgiving emotion. People do hate, I hate, I say it all the time knowing I shouldn't... But if you say that you have "loved so much." to fully understand what love is, and is not by comparison, is to have these experiences wholeheartedly, all involved, so that you come to realize that when love is real, no matter the circumstances surrounding it, it never changes... Love is. If you fell out of it, you were never in it to begin with. and that is also not to say that you should remain in it even when it is real, as it is not easily contained or restricted by self imposed limitations. Nor should you remain it it, when you are the only one of two people who are. It is hard for us to admit it to ourselves that we were not the object of someone eles effections, it implies (but does not define) failure. No one likes to feel that, so we hold on knowiong we shouldn't to spare our heart the pain it has to go through in order to learn. Supposed to: considered to be factual, even mistakenly. "Mistakenly" being the operative word here.
  • Personally I don't give a hoot!
  • probably cause you miss them

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