• No way
  • Maybe just ONE beer with the family at christmas... besides that... NO!
  • No, why start a new generation of drunk wasters
  • No. I know the effects first hand of drinking that young. It's terrible. I say once they hit about 17, then mabey some alcohol with the family is ok. But other than NO!
  • negative rampart
  • mey i have a cousin she's 2 years old drinks geez kids these days :D
  • No, it is not.
  • Negative. In fact, It's really shouldn't be ok for an adult to drink beer, matter of opinion here..=).
  • no not in the us. it stunts there mental growth.
  • Em. Like a sip? That would be okay. A twelve year old isn't going to like beer anyway, so it just puts them off for longer I'd think. At least until like...thirteen. Maybe. What do I know. My grandad used to let me taste his Guinness when I was about ten. I'm alright.
  • My dad would give me glass of wine with dinner to help me learn how to handle it, then try to get me to doo the dishes after making dinner!
  • Taking a sip from my dad's beer when I was a kid is one thing. But allowing a 12 year old to drink? No way. And considering that's also well under the legal drinking age, it's criminal as well if an adult allows that.
  • I would have to say no. I personally think that people shouldnt start drinking until 17. Though I know several inteligent people who have been drinking since 15 or 16. I didnt really start drinking until 18 mostly because my dad let me taste his heineken when I was 3 or 4 and I hated it so didn't really start drinking simply because I didnt want to.
  • NO! There isn't even a reason for them to drink beer.
  • I’d say no, but then IMHO it’s not okay for anyone to drink beer. (There’s a reason it tastes so horrible!) :-P
  • beer is one of those generalized words that needs a specific adjective in front of it to make undestanding complete. there are several kinds of beer. root beer would be acceptable for a twelve year old to drink. a non alcoholic beer might be acceptable. so you see, one has to jump to a conclusion to answer this question. in a sense it is a nonsensical question because it is not specific enough to warrant an answer. no points from me.
  • it's all up to the parent.. i have nothing against giving a 12 year old beer.. they are not going to like the taste anyway.. my pop first started giving me sips of beer when i was a year old.. lol
  • no its not ok for a twele year old to drink beer not even a sip
  • Yes. Even better, get them drunk until they puke. Then you'll never have to worry about them doing it again. If parents are around, allowing them to drink some establishes some responsible behaviors, and sets a precedent - they can drink around their parents. Then you know that in the future, they won't feel a need to go to friends and get drunk - it loses all of its rebellious charm. It's the wise thing to do. Legalities-wise - only at home, with the parents. That's entirely legal. In the US, and pretty much all of Europe, anyway.
  • As long as alcohol free, no problems. Otherwise, maybe a small glass on particular occasions, and only with low alcohol level.
  • Yes, in 9 years.
  • No. Children who drink prior to 14 are twice as likely to become alcoholic!
  • I was given or allowed to have "swallows" of beer from about 3 years old. Today I will drink about 3 beers per year. I like the taste of beer but just don't care to drink any unless I am with friends.
  • Morally or legally? Legally, underage persons are allowed to consume alcoholic beverages as long as they're with their parent or guardian. Morally? That's subjective.
  • In American culture probably not. There's more addictive behavior and poor or no role models for healthy moderation. On the other hand I was impressed when I saw whole families of all ages dining at a Hofbrau in Munich and the Bardame with impressive muscles from carrying in her hands 8 glass mugs at a time.

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