• need a new relationship.
  • Do you generalize a lot? I know men who do not fake emotions and women who do not fake orgasm.
  • because they can and it is expected.
  • only shallow... heartless ones do.
  • thats a pretty stereotypical question, but i will give my two cents on those it actually applies to. men fake emotion as part of a game, yet another one, to get sex. Women fake orgasms to avoid hurting his feelings. Even men who dont put forth any effort want to think they got the job done.
  • What makes you think men don't fake orgasms?
  • Because at that moment, neither is feeling what the other one wants them to. So they pretend in order to save the others feelings.
  • because women expect emotions where there may not be any and to not express those leads to grief. and men expect women to orgasm nomatter how bad they suck at sex. I refuse to give my wife any emotions which I can't make myself feel and that leads to a lot of arguments because she expects me to feel it. women only think they believe in honesty. (yes generalization. get off that whiny kick, generalizations are based in reality.)
  • Men are generally Logical/Physical (visual and physical go hand-in-hand.) and women are Emotional/Logical. Generally, men don't understand emotion (as a woman knows it) and women rely on emotion for a "good" relationship. Men rely on physical aspects of a relation such as money, the physical aspects of sex and their jobs. A woman needs the emotional aspects of these things too. Men generally are two emotions, Happy and Angry. Angry generally comes out as "physical" to a woman; silent or rage,something that can be seen with your eyes and not just felt with your heart. For a great relationship, men and women need to meet on the common ground of logic. Women don't act emotionally with men and men don't act physically with women and you will have a great relationship.

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