• the more abundant the educational menu, the more enlightened the students.
  • Yes, children need moral values and ethics, and those are found in th Bible. Also people nowadays needs something superior to hold on and only God is able to do it.
  • Yes, it should be taught like any other sociology or anthropology or history type of class. Comparative Religion would be the best type of class for public schools to teach, giving every religion equitable time.
  • No No NO NO . All that needs to be taught about religion in public schools is covered in History classes.
  • Yes I think it is the most important history that children and adults can learn.
  • It is a subject here in Ireland. It just means extra work for the kids.
  • Yeah, I think so. But i think praying should be in school too (not forced, but optional). All kids should have the choice to learn more about their God.
  • Ye, all people should undestand each religion and be able to respect there religion and there belief's especially when you go into there country you should be able to understand why they do the things they want, which should be the same in this country which is not the case!
  • I agree that children need to be educated to be non judgmental towards all religious groups and religions. However, religions all don't teach that!!!! Parents and religions groups and others would object to this so strongly, that it will not work. I attended a religious sponsored college. I learned much about other religious groups from ONLY ONE professor who was unbiased. There were many others who WERE NOT. You could not find teachers enough that would be unbiased because many religions ARE NOT. It is "My Way or No Way". Great history courses which touch on each religion's contributions to society and learning would be OK and are what I would advocate. But not comparative religion. There would be too much comparing done the wrong way. History courses which touch on religion would need to prerecorded and created by committees representing many religions to keep each religion's segment unbiased and factual. Live presenters have too much freedom to 'color' presentations.
  • I'm already taught about religion in my history classes. Sure, it's always good to teach know, as long as you're actually teaching and not preaching.
  • I think it would be good to have information given to the students so that they can be well-informed about other lifestyles and ideas from their own. Ignorance is dangerous and a big cause of racism. However, who needs a whole class on it? I think it would best be incorporated into another class, as say, a week long course or so.
  • No. Religion has already created a lot of misunderstanding amongst people so if children are taught about such things they will have a bias in life. Everyone may not like what is being taught so there will be problems. Like Muslims would not like to learn about Buddhism or Christians would not like to hear about Islam and so on!
  • I took a Humanities class that discussed the five major world religions, their historical beginnings, their basic beliefs, and reviewed their holy books as literature. It was an excellent class. They say fear springs from a lack of knowledge, and that ignorance breeds contempt. Thus, what downside would there be in giving a basic lesson in major world beliefs, provided of course the course material is not developed by the ignorant and fearful.
  • I think it would be a vary good idea to have a Comparative religion class, covering all the world's main religions. It should also include any minority religions in the school and/or area, so that people understand their neighbour's beliefs. All religions should be treated equally, and there should be no discussion of what religions are "true", only what is believed by practitioners of those religions.
  • A comparative religions class would be good...and some kind of class that teaches the sociology of religions...

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