• I guess if I was to ''become'', I already have. Probably more like my mother.
  • Neither, I hope. but probably my mum, she has more influence on me i suppose. eh.
  • I will be more like my Mother. My parents divorced when I was newborn, and I barely knew my father until I was in my 20's... he wasn't an influence on me at all.
  • I have already become my father. Same bald pattern, same facial features, same sarcastic grin when I am on somebody's case. He was a tough little guy, too. I saw him kick the crap out of two punks once outside a restaurant. They were harrassing some old folks he knew. I was in awe. He told me later not to talk it around...not even to Mom. Well, I can "talk it around" now. It was, bam, bam, about two punk down....bam, bam, bam...two punks down. He told me later that I should never do that unless I was defending myself....He said he would teach me ...later. Oh, wow,...well, he did teach me a few things, but I still can't invision how he could have done what I saw him fast! I told an uncle about it some years later. Uncle smiled and said..."oh, Tom, have no idea"...(?) Anyway, I do know my old man enlisted in the Marines when Pearl Harbor was bombed. He spent four years in the Pacific; Bougainville, Guam, Iwo Jima,..wounded twice. He rarely talked about it. I only got him to talk about it when I was grown and he considered me a "man". I am still in awe of him ...and all the other older guys I knew who fought in that war. They all "went for broke"...and they kicked ass.
  • I have been told that I have my fathers sense of humor but my mothers logic so I cant tell :)
  • I don't want to become like either of them. I probably will become, and already am, somewhat like both. Hopefully their best parts.
  • More like my father. I am that way now.
  • neither. but I did get my work ethic from my dad. my mom is very inside the box and my dad is probably in the top 10% of intelegence for jocks. I am a nerd who thinks so far outside the box that one might think I was from a different plannet.
  • neither.
  • Neither, but, if push came to shove and I had to say, my mother.
  • hopefully a bit of both. but i'm more like my father
  • NO. My parents were the absent, overbearing types, very abuse. They are very strict and too tight. My mother was absent most of my life. I never had any female influences in my life or any talks from her. She's the quiet, sitting down alone, traditional types of mothers who knits and sits. Never speaks and don't drive. My father is more open-minded and more logical. Not absent most of my life, very angry and abusive. Just neer talks to me and never want to be in my life at all. He likes to yell at me for the stupidest reasons. I don't want to become like them. I don't want to have kids.
  • Neither. Because my mother made some bad decisions and suffered sadly for it, and my father has some personality traits i'd rather not have.
  • Neither , they both have their heeads screwed on hahaha
  • Since I am almost 71, I am already who I've become..I'm more like my dad..positive, optimistic, happy. :)
  • Biologically, my father. ;-) Of course, I think I’m more like him than I am, my mom, anyway.
  • Well i dont know i have certain parts of me that are similar to both parents, but then im also a bit different to them aswell, ooo ive never tought about it but if i had to choose i would say alot like my mum but more so im me eitehr way with a bit of both of my parents in me!

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