• Dude, light is made of photons which are zero mass particles (matter has mass, so no they aren't "matter") that travel in a wave. Light is a form of energy.
  • Strictly speaking no. However, you can argue that matter is just condensed energy and that light is a form of energy and that calling matter matter and putting it in a seperate category is technically incorrect. You can pretty much argue anything... or can you?
  • Pre-Einstein definition of matter began by saying that matter occupies space and is perceptible to the senses. Our eyes can detect photons of light, yet more than one photon can occupy the same space at the same time. By this definition photons are not matter. However, after Einstein equated matter (mass) and energy, the modern physics definition of matter was extended to include photon energy. A photon has no mass but it does have energy, and given the right conditions, such as inside a star, photons can be converted to mass. It does not require a star to convert mass to photons. By the modern physics definition photons are included in matter.
  • Light is made up of Photons which are elementary particles so are a form of matter
  • not sure

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