• Sim City Civilization (some warring, but not a 1st person shooter) The Incredible Machine
  • Lego, erector and kinex
  • right this very second, while i'm writing a response to this question, i'm drawing my house, actually my fantasy mansion if i'm ever a trillionaire! the name of the program is hone designer 8.0. i wrote a review of it on amazon and i really like it. sim city is supposed to be an excellent SW program, too. as a little kid, i R-E-A-L-L-Y liked lincoln logs. in order to build by home designer suite 8.0 mansion with lincoln logs, i'd need to buy about 10,000 of their $48.00 sets. i'd better start off with henry david thoreau's 12 x 12 cabin on walden lake.
  • Check this out. They have been out for a while but they are quite fun. I think there are 4 of them now.
  • If you like city builders, then you can pick from a number of those by Impressions Games. They're kind of dated though...

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