• Our livingroom gets moved into different spots to keep the place warmer. I have hugh bay windows and the couch has to go there or we freeze. Then, you HAVE to move everything else:)
  • I move furniture and things just when i think it would be better another place, drives my cat crazy :]
  • Yesterday I rearranged my living room to make room for the tall palm trees I have in pots outside. I'll be bringing them in soon. Christmas is the only season I need to move just a few things around.
  • No. I tend to leave the main things where they are and occasionally I used to move Lamps and things. Now i just leave things as they are.
  • We move our dining room table at Christmas time for our tree. I like having it in there so it can be seen outside.
  • I don't rearrange anything. In our last apartment the furniture was put into place in 1987 and except for getting rid of that which broke/wore out and replacing same, the configuration never changed. There was an optimum placement due to limitations like a sliding glass door and windows in the living room..that didn't leave a lot of wiggle room.:)
  • I move all my living room furniture around just to get a good cleaning of my carpet, as well as for a change of perspective.
  • I absolutely love re-arranging things for a fresh new look and i do it often all over the house and also outside :)

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